Canonical Seo and Custom Redirects

This module adds a canonical URL link in the headers. The canonical URL tells search engines that the page is another version of the same URL, thus avoiding the duplicate content warnings. It helped reduce the duplicate content warnings for this site. It also lets you setup custom redirects for your site. If you have broken links to your Prestashop, you can redirect them to proper pages.

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Compatibility v1.3 Yes
Compatibility v1.4 Yes
Compatibility v1.5 Yes

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Different variations in the URL of a page can cause duplicate content warnings in search engines and get you penalized. Canonical URL works similar to a 301 redirect, but instead of actually redirecting, it tells search engines which page to use for their indexing, supported by Google, Yahoo and Microsoft.

This module also has a custom redirect feature, where you can redirect any page you want. It does not use any htaccess rules, instead does this by storing the redirects in the database, making it much faster and able to handle big number of redirects. You can set it to redirect any URL that points to your Prestashop. The destination URL can be any URL, in your shop or anywhere else.

You can read more about it in the official blogs:

The module also let's you set URL parameters to hide. By default the module hides the URL parameters oderby, orderway and n.

You can also set a default domain name to be used. If you are displaying the same site on multiple domains, this will point search engines to one site without redirecting your users.

The visitors won't notice any difference and they won't be redirected to another page, increasing the perfomrance. The existing links can be used as they are.

When friendly URL is on, the module automatically generates the rewritten URL for the following pages:

* Product Page
/product.php?id_product=1 => /music-ipods/1-ipod-nano.html
/1-ipod-nano.html => /music-ipods/1-ipod-nano.html

* Category Page
/category.php?id_category=2 => /2-music-ipods

* CMS Page
/cms.php?id_cms=1 => /content/1-delivery

* Supplier Page
/supplier.php?id_supplier=1 => /1__applestore

* Manufacturer Page
/manufacturer.php?id_manufacturer=1 => /1_apple-computer-inc


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