Ultimate Search and Filter with Ajax

This module helps your customer find the product they are looking for in your prestashop. It let's your customers filter products by features, attributes, manufacturers, categories or price. You can also add a compatibility filter.

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Compatibility v1.3 Yes
Compatibility v1.4 Yes
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Compatibility v1.6 Yes

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This module let's your customers search products by features, attributes, manufacturers, category or price. You can select which features, attributes or manufacturers are used by the filter. It only displays the features, attributes and manufacturers that are available. It uses AJAX to update the filter criteria and product list. Customers can select multiple categories and filter options. You can see this in action on the demo page.

You can also setup a list of compatible products, using the existing features. It let's you set a product to be compatible with multiple features. i.e. a motherboard can be compatible with HDDs with IDE or SATA interface. You can have harddisk having either of these interfaces stated in their feature, and set the motherboard to be compatible with both these features. The module will list the motherboard in all compatible harddisks and will also let your customers search motherboards matching these interfaces.

The styling of the module is done using css, rounded corners will display on modern browsers. Older IE versions will display them as square blocks. This is by design.

The module also let's customers search features, attributes and manufacturers by name. You can set a feature, attribute group or manufacturer to be filtered by following options:

  • Entering their value (searching  by entering the value)
  • Selecting multiple values - The module lists all available values
  • Selecting one value
  • Defining a range (i.e. width from 100 to 150) (not available for manufacturers)

You can also enable/disable price filter. The price filter let's your customers enter a minimum and maximum price. Price reductions are not taken into consideration when filtering by price.

The filter is displayed on the top or in the columns of the pages.

There is a demo site available if you want to check the module.

Front End: http://demo.bvkyazilim.com/ultimatesearch/

Back Office: http://demo.bvkyazilim.com/ultimatesearch/demo/

Email: demo@demo.com

Password: demodemo


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