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Text on an arc with PHP & GD

In a recent project I had to create text on a circular arc. I could not find a simple and easy to use library that does this with GD in PHP so here is a solution I created.

Author: Burhan BAVKIR in Web Development

Async Twitter buttons

Loading the Twitter Javascript API will add to the loading time of your page. You can overcome this by loading the Twitter javascript after the page loads. Twitter documentation does not provide examples for this but we can easily use the Facebook code samples for reference. function init_tw(){&nbs ...more
Author: Burhan BAVKIR in Web Development

jQuery plugin - drawLine

I recently had a need to draw lines for an online game I was working on. There were couple of options out there, but one that is simple, cross browser and light was ahrd to find. After some research I have written a simple jQuery plugin to draw simple, black lines. With some research on canvas and V ...more
Author: Burhan BAVKIR in Web Development