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Running a Classifieds Site with Prestashop

A very simple and easy way to increase your shop's revenue is to have classifieds displayed on your site. Depending on your site traffic, you can introduce this as a paid service that would generate direct income or you can introduce it as a free service to build a community around your site.

If you have a niche product that has a regular following, your customers might also be looking for a place to exchange old goods between themselves. In that case you could let them post classifieds on your site for a small fee. This would create extra income while strengthening your customer base.

It could also be the case that most of your customers visit other sites to post such ads. Having this option on your site means they spend more time on your site, while also benefitting themselves by having it all in one place.

If you are at the early stages of creating a customer base, a classifieds section would also help with speeding up acquaring new customers while strengthening the existing base. User generated content is by far the most important parameter in search engine ranking. Once you have your customers posting content on your site, your ranking would definitely increase quite fast.

Now with 30% discount and compatibility with the latest Prestashop versions, classified ads module let's you manage all these with simplicity. Simple install the module and create classified ad categories for your customers to post in.

The module let's any customer post ads on your site, and anyone interested can reply to start a conversation. This is integrated with the cart and checkout. So you can set a price for the ad just like a virtual product on your site. Or if you like you can make it free for all your customers.

And as usual the module comes with a 7 day money back guarantee, so you have no risk giving it a try!

Author: Burhan BAVKIR

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