Different Pricing for Each Customer

The price adjustments modification you can find here, let's you increase/decrease the price of a product, or products in a category, for each customer. PrestaShop let's you give site-wide discounts to certain customers or customer groups, but it does not let you give product specific discounts for ...more
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SEO Tips - 2

In my previous article I have shared some tips on search engine optimization, focusing more on the content and external tools. Today I want to share some technical details that helps search engines index your site better and get a better ranking. Here I will try to list some of the more important pa ...more
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jQuery plugin - drawLine

I recently had a need to draw lines for an online game I was working on. There were couple of options out there, but one that is simple, cross browser and light was ahrd to find. After some research I have written a simple jQuery plugin to draw simple, black lines. With some research on canvas and V ...more
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Search Engine Optimization Tips

When marketing your e-shop, one thing you will immeadiately come across (probably already have) is search engine optimization(SEO). The act of optimizing your website for better search engine ranking and visibility. There are a lot of articles on the web on SEO, some complicated, some technical, som ...more
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Finding A Good E-commerce Hosting

As a web developer, quite often I have people asking me which hosting provider should they choose. With so many price plans, compatibility options, offers and such, finding a web host is never an easy task. If you don't already have a regular hosting provider that you have been using for years, you ...more
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