Async Twitter buttons

Loading the Twitter Javascript API will add to the loading time of your page. You can overcome this by loading the Twitter javascript after the page loads. Twitter documentation does not provide examples for this but we can easily use the Facebook code samples for reference. function init_tw(){&nbs ...more
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Removing IDs from Product Page URLs in Prestashop

A common topic you see in Prestashop forum is the request to remove id numbers from friendly URLs mostly for SEO purposes. There is hardly any benefit to your search engine ranking with such a change, if any. Having the product name is more than sufficient for any SEO purpose and any "expert" who ad ...more
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Increase sales in Prestashop using the Bundle Discount Module

Prestashop has a built in pack feature. You can create a product, and make it a pack instead of a normal product. A pack is multiple products bundled into one. But the built in pack feature lacks a lot of features, making it pointless to use. For example it does not use the stock from the original ...more
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Floating Columns Module - Free

This is a simple module that adds a little bit of javascript code to the page that makes the right and left column floating when the page is scrolled down. When a visitor scrolls down the page, and the top of the left and right column reaches the top of the window, they normally start to disappear. ...more
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PrestaShop Module Development - 1

Who is this article for? This article is meant for experienced PHP developers and people who familiar with web technologies in general. It is not an intro to programming or module development for PrestaShop. It is instead meant to explore the PrestaShop architecture and introduce how to access vari ...more
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