Supplier Email Alerts - Dropshipping

This module let's you send the list of ordered products to your suppliers. It is especially good for drop shipping.

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Compatibility v1.3 Yes
Compatibility v1.4 Yes
Compatibility v1.5 Yes
Compatibility v1.6 Yes

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Using this module you can set up automated emails for your suppliers. You can enter the supplier's email, a custom message and a list of products along with other criteria.

This module can be used to automatically send an email to the supplier once the order is in a given status (i.e. after payment accepted).

Each supplier only gets an email when the order contains their product, and they only get the list of products they supply with quantity, reference etc. You can change what information is sent for products.

The email also contains customer name, delivery address, contact number etc. You can edit these as well.


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