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This module let's you export orders as a csv file. This is a high quality module with easy to use filters and many options for exporting the order data. It also lets you manage orders in bulk, to change the order status based on given filters.

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Compatibility v1.3 Yes
Compatibility v1.4 Yes
Compatibility v1.5 Yes
Compatibility v1.6 Yes

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This module let's you export your shop orders as a CSV file, which you can use in excel or import it for use in other programs you use for order tracking. It let's you set a date period, customer groups, order states and select the fields you want.

You can save the export configuration and use it later, or access it remotely for syncing with other applications automatically. Using a secure key the orders can be downloaded directly without logging into the backend.

You can also use the module to manage the orders in bulk. Using the filters you can update all matching orders to the order state you select.

It has three different options for field seperation: tab, comma(,) or semicolon (;). You can pick any one of them.

The module let's you export the following fields:

* Order No  
* Payment  
* Recycled Packaging  
* Gift Wrapping  
* Gift Message  
* Shipping Number  
* Total Discounts  
* Total Paid  
* Total Paid Real  
* Total Products  
* Total Shipping  
* Total Wrapping  
* Invoice No  
* Delivery No  
* Invoice Date 
* Delivery Date 
* Carrier Id
* Validity  
* Date Added  
* Date Updated  
* Customer No  
* First Name 
* Last Name
* Full Name
* Email
* Delivery Name
* Delivery Last Name
* Delivery Company
* Delivery Address  
* Delivery Address Line 1  
* Delivery Address Line 2  
* Delivery Postcode  
* Delivery City  
* Delivery Phone  
* Delivery Phone (Mobile) 
* Delivery State ISO Code 
* Delivery State 
* Delivery Country ISO Code 
* Delivery Country
* Carrier Name
* Invoice Name
* Invoice Last Name
* Invoice Company
* Invoice Address  
* Invoice Address Line 1  
* Invoice Address Line 2  
* Invoice Postcode  
* Invoice City  
* Invoice Phone  
* Invoice Phone (Mobile)
* Invoice State ISO Code 
* Invoice State 
* Invoice Country ISO Code 
* Invoice Country
* Currency  
* Product Name  
* Quantity  
* Product Price  
* Product Id  
* Product Attribute Id  
* Product EAN13 
* Product Reference
* Product Weight

If any of the product details are selected the other fields are repeated for each product from the same order.

For licensing, click here.

There is a demo site available if you want to check the BO. For security reasons uploading is disabled.

Demo site:
Front & Backend login: demo@demo.com
Password: demodemo



Emails and files uploads are disabled on the demo site. The site is reset every hour.

# Invoice State ISO Code  
# Invoice State  
# Invoice Country ISO Code  
# Invoice Country


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