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  • This module allows you to create events, venues and sell tickets. You can create seating charts with rows/columns. Let your customers pick their seats and pay for tickets.

  • This module allows you to limit a product image to be displayed only for the selected language on your shop. Using this module you can have product images that have language specific parts on it.

  • Automated 404 Redirect is a module that will redirect your "page not found" pages to your search page, displaying the results using the keywords from the URL. This will help you keep visitors who have followed an old or broken link. The visitor will see a list of relevant products. The module requires Friendly URL to be activated.

  • This module helps your customer find the product they are looking for in your prestashop. It let's your customers filter products by features, attributes, manufacturers, categories or price. You can also add a compatibility filter.

  • This Prestashop module let's your visitors view product details without leaving the category page.

  • Classified ads module allows your customers to purchase ad space on your Prestashop shop. They can upload pictures, enter a title and text, select a category and pay for it like a regular product. You can easily create a classifieds section on your site, with it is categories and subcategories, filled with user created content. Your customers will be...

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items